Synechron’s Robo-Advisor Investment Platform

Synechron’s RoboInvestor™ solution is developed as a platform that can cater to a fully-automated solution for mass market clients, while also providing an assisted advisory solution for wealth managers and investment advisors who need the one-to-one interaction demanded of their clients. For mass market individuals Synechron’s RoboInvestor™ solution is designed to simplify their investing, help manage their portfolio with minimal effort and track aggregated accounts in a single interface. RoboInvestor’s intuitive and easy interface allows people to develop portfolios that are properly diversified, and reduce the riskiness of their investment strategy.

Our Robo-advisor solution can empower organizations to offer a lower-fee solution for investment planning and management and cater to markets and revenue streams that were not viable businesses before, while still maintaining the more lucrative fee-based business they have built through personalized advisory services for high-net-worth individuals.

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